Why Link Building Is Essential For Website Performance

Today, link building plays a critical role in any business marketing strategy. This marketing practice involves acquiring hyperlinks from another website to yours. But before doing this, you should ensure that your website and the one you're planning to link with are in the same niche. That goes a long way in promoting your brand visibility and SEO.

Although you can establish and manage your company link building strategy, it'd be a good idea to work with experts. These individuals are experts in their field. As such, they can advise you on the best strategies you can implement to create an effective link building strategy. You can learn more here or visit other similar resources to find information on how to find a link building expert to help grow your enterprise.

That said, link building is essential for your website performance for various reasons. These include:

1. Helps Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

Getting more traffic to your website is necessary for the growth and success of your company. It allows your website to be visible to more people. As such, you'll likely generate more quality leads.

You can implement various strategies to generate traffic and boost the performance of your website. And one of them is through link building. 

As noted earlier, link building involves linking your website to others. That exposes your website or brand to more people. As a result, you'll generate a lot of traffic from the referral sites. That goes a long way towards enabling your site to rank highly online.

2. Boosts Website Ranking

You can list high-quality products or services online. However, that may add no value to your enterprise if your website isn't visible. That's true since only when your website becomes more visible can more people learn about your brand's existence. And that increases your chances of selling more. That's why you find most entrepreneurs spending resources to ensure their websites rank highly online. You should also follow suit for your company to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Link building is one of the best ways to ensure your company website ranks high since it helps attract more traffic. It enhances your website ranking. As a result, it'll appear on the first page of the online searches, enabling more people to visit your store.

3. Expands Your Reach

The primary reason you'd want to invest in marketing is to expand your reach. That's true since marketing helps promote the visibility of your brand. As a result, more customers will know about your products or services. And one of the best ways to achieve that is through link building.

Link building allows you to link your site to many other websites. As a result, you'll reach more people, enabling you to attract a lot of organic traffic to your website. As a result, your site will perform better and rank highly online.

4. Helps Establish Robust Relationships

You might think that link building is all about gaining links. While that's its primary objective, it has more than that. For instance, a good link building strategy will enable your brand to establish strong relationships with key players in your niche.

The relationships you've established will help build your brand's authority. And that goes a long way toward promoting the performance of your website.

5. Generates Brand Awareness

You must understand that your company's growth relies on its visibility. If your brand isn't visible, it won't generate the desired leads and sales. For that reason, you should find effective ways to build your brand awareness. That's where link building comes in.

As noted earlier, building backlinks can get a lot of traffic. As such, your website ranks highly. That helps boost your brand awareness. As a result, you'll generate more leads and sales.

6. Enhances The Credibility Of Your Website

The credibility of your website plays a significant role in the success of your enterprise. It is what potential customers meet first before contacting you. Therefore, if your brand shows no credibility, you won't attract new customers. For that reason, ensure you build backlinks to increase your site's credibility.

With quality backlinks, your website will rank highly in search engines. As a result, more people will likely visit your store, which improves the performance of your website.


Marketing is a complex process that requires a lot of resources. And if you aren't careful, you might fail in your marketing strategy. However, you can streamline the process by building backlinks.

With backlinks, you can generate a lot of organic traffic. That helps your company website rank highly online or improve its performance. Therefore, people searching for products or services related to your company will likely connect with you.

While that's the case, just building backlinks isn't enough to help promote the performance of your website. You must get links from well-established and reputable publishers.

4 Clever Ways To Enhance Your Branding Strategy

Every entrepreneur strives to build a solid and successful brand as it's one of their valuable assets that can make their business thrive. Part of this process has a well-defined branding strategy. This technique will set you apart from the competition.

Branding strategy involves creating and managing a brand's identity, voice, and messaging. It's about building a relationship and driving loyalty to your customers. That's why it's crucial to have a thoughtful branding strategy in place. You'll need to tailor your tactics to match your unique business goals.

To help you out, consider these four clever ways to give your branding strategy a massive boost:

1. Initiate Promotional Items

Promotional items are an excellent way to get your branding in front of your target audience. It serves as your walking billboard. You can utilize these products as giveaways or freebies at trade shows, events, or as part of your customer loyalty program.

There are all sorts of marketing items to choose from. You can go with something classic like a pen or mug or get more creative with a custom t-shirt or tote bag. But if you want something unique and different, custom printed lanyards in Australia and others would be a great idea.

Lanyards nowadays aren't just for holding ID cards. They're also perfect for displaying promotional messages or logos. Plus, they come in various colours and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your branding. Above all, it's wearable anytime, anywhere—making your brand exposed to a broader audience.

2. Create A Memorable Logo

A company logo is one of the essential elements of its branding. It's the visual representation of your brand and often the first thing potential customers see. That's why it's vital to have a logo that's memorable, eye-catching, and consistent with your branding strategy.

How to create a memorable logo? Take a look at the following guidelines:

Since a logo is as critical as any other element of your branding, it's best to give much thought and attention. Take some time to brainstorm and experiment with different logo designs until you find one that's perfect for your brand. You can create a logo that'll leave a lasting impression on your target market by following these guidelines.

3. Develop A Solid Social Media Presence

You probably have social media pages, but is it used to its full potential? Since utilizing social media is one of the most popular avenues to market your brand, why not step up further? That means going above and beyond on your current branding methods.

Here are some opportunities to connect with your customers and strengthen your branding using social media:

Incorporating all these aspects into your branding strategy can bring excellent results. Such great outcomes include boosting brand awareness, earning customers' trust, and increasing website traffic. This approach will eventually convert leads into paying customers.

Having a solid social media presence is necessary for today's digital age. So don't forget this valuable marketing tool—use it to your advantage!

4. Partner Up With Influencers

Collaborating with key industry influencers is another brilliant way to improve your branding strategy. There's no doubt that these individuals have large and loyal followers, so partnering up with them can give your brand a significant boost.

But how can you identify the right influencers to partner with? Here are a few tips:

Creating a strong relationship with key industry influencers can go a long way in enhancing your branding strategy. It may even lead to increased revenues and profits in the long run.


Branding is one of the most critical aspects of any business. It's what helps customers to identify your company and its products or services. That's why it's essential to have a well-thought-out branding strategy in place. Use this article as your guide for a winning branding strategy. Give your business the competitive edge it needs by implementing the tips mentioned here, and watch your brand soar to new heights!

6 Practical Ways Local Businesses Can Boost Revenue In 2022

6 Practical Ways Local Businesses Can Boost Revenue In 2022

The past year has been a tough one for many local businesses. The pandemic has forced a number of them to close down, and those that were able to survive made less sales than they did in previous years. Fortunately, as the world slowly returns to normalcy, local businesses have the chance to get back on their feet and recover from the losses that occurred.

If you own a local business and are looking to boost your sales in the coming year, here are some practical ways to achieve that.

1. Automate Your Operations

In the modern business world, automating business processes is the way to go for any business looking to increase its revenue. By using modern technologies and applications to streamline business operations, business owners can utilize fewer resources and take less time to maximize sales.

You can automate many aspects of your business, but it would be best to start with your accounting system. This is important, as it handles the business’s financial transactions and accounts. If a mistake is made at some point in the system, it could have a negative impact on the company and result in severe consequences.

You can avoid this by automating your functions with an accounting software. You can use technology to automatically send invoices to customers, follow up on them, and reduce the number of outstanding invoices. In this way, you’re able to serve more customers, and you’re given more time to focus on other important operations within your business.

In addition, accounting software enables you to track your unpaid accounts receivables with ease, which allows you to implement debtors’ collection policies and procedures.

Accounting is just one of the many aspects of your business that you can automate for more streamlined operations. That said, if you want to boost your sales and be able to compete with other businesses in your area, you may want to consider automating all your business processes.

2. Improve The Productivity Of Your Staff

Workers play an important role in the success of any business enterprise. They are essential assets, and without them, any business would fail to take off. That being said, if you want to boost your revenue in the coming year, it would be a good idea to determine effective ways to improve the productivity of your staff.

One of the best ways you can do this is by providing them with the right tools to perform their tasks. And, to maximize the use of these tools, you should ensure that these tools can integrate the latest technologies. For instance, if your employees require laptops, you shouldn’t just give them any laptop model you come across; be sure to provide them with modern laptops that have the specifications required to run important software or apps they may need. The right tools with the right features can allow your workers to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Another great way to boost productivity in the workplace is by rewarding or appreciating your employees’ efforts. This could be something as simple as developing the habit of congratulating them whenever they do something well, instead of only concentrating on their weak points. A verbal compliment, such as ‘Thank you’ or ‘Work well done,’ can go a long way in lifting their spirits. In addition, you could plan a team trip after a business quarter or offer them monetary incentives if they’re able to reach their quotas. All these things can motivate them and encourage them to work harder.

3. Gain New Customers

A business wouldn’t be able to succeed without its customers. Customers are sales, and sales are the business. So, if you’d like to boost your sales, it’s only natural to think of increasing the number of your customers.

There are several ways you can do this. You could establish a referral program in your business, for one. In a referral program, you reward your existing customers whenever they successfully refer a new customer to your business. This will help your business generate more leads, thus increasing its revenue.

Another effective way to get new customers is to develop new product lines. If your business’s products are already well-established, you could try to identify a new market need and develop a product that can help fulfil it. This new product could attract more customers to your business, as well as generate more sales through your existing customers.

4. Market Your Business

If you’d like to reach more customers and boost sales, you should consider upping your marketing game. Instead of relying on word of mouth, you could take a more proactive approach. Traditional methods, such as TV and radio ads, may be able to help, but in this modern age, you could benefit more from the use of digital marketing to expand your reach, as it can allow you to promote your business to people outside your locality.

Before you jump into marketing, however, it would be a good idea to identify the best marketing strategies for your business so you can ensure that you connect with the right audience. Your marketing efforts have to be cohesive so your target market can have a clear idea of your product. Successful marketing will allow you to acquire more customers and thus generate more revenue.

5. Improve Communication

Communication is an important aspect of running a successful business. If you’re a business owner or manager, you need to be able to communicate well with your employees and customers.

Effective communication with your employees can help boost their efficiency and ensure that business processes run smoothly. Meanwhile, good communication with customers is seen as a sign of good service, and it allows your customers to feel taken care of, which strengthens their connection to your business. In both aspects, having good communication can go a long way in boosting your overall sales.

That being said, you should ensure you’re using the right communication channels and tools. For instance, you could utilize chatbots on your website for a quicker response time, or you could make a business account on social media channels and other online platforms to be more accessible to your customers. Such tools can help you respond to customers’ concerns in real time, thus allowing them to remain connected to you.

6. Increase Your Prices

This may sound simplistic, but you can boost your revenue by increasing your prices. It shouldn’t be a drastic increase, as you don’t want to scare away your existing customers, but it should be significant enough that you can see a major difference in your overall sales.

One good way to determine your pricing strategy is to study the prices of competitors within your area. You can come up with a new pricing scheme that is close to their level but that doesn’t go beyond it. In this way, customers may opt for your products instead of others, as you offer a more affordable option.


Increasing sales is a priority for all businesses; however, the pandemic may have pushed that aside as local businesses focused on simply surviving. As things begin to look up and establishments return to normal operations, you can now prioritize the sales of your small business. With the tips discussed above, you can make 2022 a year of increased sales and better revenue.

Small Business Branding Hacks: 4 Ways To Utilise Sticker Printing

Levelling up one’s business branding can be tough for any business worldwide, large or small. If done effectively, one can one-up their competitors’ branding in today’s increasingly cutthroat market space. When it comes to spreading a brand’s identity’s reach to a large audience, it’s said that one of the highly effective but low-cost tools a business can use is stickers.  

For Australian entrepreneurs, whether you make promotions by sending something to your prospects during fairs, or in shops, sticker printing Melbourne or in any other places as part of a branding strategy can speak volumes about your brand.  

We’ve come up with four ways you can utilise stickers to spread the message of your brand far and wide. You’ll also discover a couple of tips on how to design branded stickers effectively. Check them out below.

1. Use A Sticker As An Envelope Seal 

Some businesses and solo entrepreneurs still choose to send mail even in the age of instant messaging and lightning-fast emails. That feeling of receiving something physical is said to provide a special experience to the intended recipient. Thus, one can’t really underestimate the power of post in marketing or promoting brand identity.  

However, it can be a little costly to produce branded envelopes, so why not use little stickers as envelope seals for your branding? Adding it to the back of each envelope you post, whether it's round or heart-shaped, can be a great alternative. In fact, it may be a brilliant way to get your brand on stationary because it lets the recipient know that the mail is from your business before it’s even opened.

2. Seal A Delivery Packaging With A Sticker 

Consistency is regarded as crucial in branding efforts. Hence, letters shouldn’t be the only ones getting stickers; your packages should have their own too.

Remember that the customer receiving your product in the post is one of your brand’s last touchpoints or interactions, so leaving a lasting impression on them through your packaging is a branding opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. 

Use clear stickers if you can, although any rectangular stickers can work also wonders.

3. Stick A Branded Sticker In Each Of Your Product 

Chances are you’ve already glanced at a product and saw a brand logo stare back at you. Only a few people would realize that these product stickers aren’t just merely there for aesthetics but they serve an important purpose too. Most businesses find them useful to help remind customers about their business or company. 

Note that not only retailers but also service providers can take advantage of branded stickers. For example, photographers can stick one on the back of the photo albums they’ll deliver to their clients. That way, people can see their branding every time the album is closed. As a result of that, business owners can encourage returning business.

Sticking branded stickers in each item or on the product packaging is a perfect example of how sticker printing can help you spread your brand identity or message to a large group of people. Consider giving the strategy a go in your own brand and line-up offerings.

4. Utilize Social Stickers 

Another great way of spreading the word about your brand with the help of sticker printing is creating social stickers. They’re another form of sticker branding that your business might find helpful. From local events like a fete or carnival to special celebrations like a birthday or holiday, you could use social stickers to increase your possible prospects and customers' awareness of your brand.  

Also, by adding social stickers to existing movements, like using them to promote a hashtag or social giveaway, you can generate a buzz without the need for a load of new promotional or marketing materials.

Guide For Designing Branding Stickers 

In the following sections, you’ll learn some tips on how to design branded stickers. That way, you can take full advantage of sticker printing now that you already know how you can utilise it for branding.

Keeping your colour palette uniform across all marketing materials is said to be crucial when creating a consistent brand identity for your business. The same principle applies to sticker printing or using stickers to spread your brand’s message and ideals.

The sticker you’ll pop on your mail envelope, delivery packaging, product, or social stickers should be reflective of your brand. Keep in mind that despite its small size and limited space for information, stickers may be the first thing a customer or prospect sees that’s related to your brand.

Stick to the colour scheme that you’ve created for your brand, even on your website. It’ll help keep things consistent, making your business or company easily recognizable.

Think about how people will feel after seeing your branded sticker for the first time. From your packaging to your product labels, ensure that you’re popping stickers that reflect your values. For example, you might want to choose nature-related imagery and a script font if you’re promoting sustainability and healthy eating.


As you can see, creating a business brand doesn’t have to cost much. Sticker printing is an easy and affordable way to elevate your brand. Add the final finishing touch to any post, packaging, and product by printing rectangle, round, square, heart-shaped, or clear stickers, and get more people to know your business and what you can offer.  

Remember that every product interaction is your brand’s opportunity to stick in your target market’s minds and leave a lasting impression that’d make them want to know more about you. Make the most of every chance you’ll get by through sticker printing.

5 2021 SEO Trends for Startups

Startups need to hit the ground running in order to thrive in the highly competitive and saturated market. However, unlike in the previous years, where the more established industry giants dominated the sector, small businesses these days have some leverage in the digital field. By taking the time to study the emerging digital marketing trends, small businesses have a fighting chance in getting a slice of the market.

One of the most important priorities for startups is to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If you’re an owner of a fledgling business, here are some SEO tips to get your business started

If you want to stand out, your overall digital marketing strategy should include effective SEO methods. Some SEO elements, like enhancing user experience and optimizing your content for mobile viewing, remain unchanged. However, there are emerging SEO trends in 2021 that you need to consider.  

1. SEO 2021 Trend: Voice Search

Since its launch in 2011, voice search has gotten more popular to internet users around the globe. A 2020 report from Google states that 27% of the world’s population has utilized voice search, instead of typing keywords, especially when using their mobile phones. The same search engine company also revealed that 62% of voice-activated speaker users are open to using the said device for online purchases in the month following the survey.  

Compared to typing keywords, users tend to be more specific when using voice search. Hence, to optimize your keywords for voice search, determine the phrases that people use in conversations, which are often longer than that of typed keywords. 

2. SEO 2021 Trend: Video Integration

The leading video sharing platform, YouTube, has over 2 billion users on a monthly basis, and it’s the second most visited website in the world. People over 18 years old spend almost 42 minutes on a daily basis, making the site a potential powerhouse for targeting potential consumers.

Your video name and description play an essential role in optimizing your video content, making it appear higher in search rankings as you would in the search engine results pages (SERP). To find out how your proposed keyword stacks up against the competition, use the auto-complete feature and type your proposed topic or keywords. Take heed of what shows up in the page—it’s telling you what users are searching for.

However, do not make the mistake of cramming all pertinent keywords in your description. The key to making it user-friendly is by making it short and sweet, by choosing words that are able to succinctly capture what your channel is all about. Click here to learn how to use videos to increase website traffic.

3. SEO 2021 Trend: Long-Form Content

Aside from targeting keywords, one of the ways to rank higher in search engines is to produce long-form content. The 2020 State of Content Marketing Report by SEMrush states that digital content with more than 3,000 words is capable of attracting up to three times more traffic and get shared up to four times more often than articles with up to 1,200 words. 

However, it must be said that your content should be valuable and of high-quality in order to attract your target users. Make sure that your articles are unique, engaging, informative, and have links to authoritative sites. 

4. SEO 2021 Trend: Featured Snippets  

A snippet is a brief for your content, or, as Google describes it, ‘a description of or an excerpt from the webpage.’ It sits next to the title and precedes the URL and cached link. When you type some keywords in the search tab, a snippet is shown inside a box at the top of the SERP, giving you a glimpse of the results for the keywords your entered. 

Snippets have come a long way since their inception in 2017, making user experience better in finding the results they want. Unlike SEO, though, there are no proven ways to get featured in a snippet as the search engine bots automatically do it for the user. 

Despite this, you can try to answer a specific question about a particular topic in bullet points.

5. SEO 2021 Trend: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

Aside from keyword optimization, there are other SEO tools you can use to further improve your ranking. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are the three key factors that search engines look for in high-quality content. That said, the cornerstone principle for these elements is providing relevant and useful content to your intended market. 

In order to create a high-quality and relevant content, put yourself in your targeted clients’ shoes by crafting buyer personas and brainstorming on the contents that your customers with indulge in (and, hopefully, share with other users). Additionally, you can analyze user search intent in order to come up with the right format that fits perfectly to your users’ preferences.     

As a startup, you have to increase brand awareness in order to stir curiosity and ramp up brand search queries. Brand searches can impact your site ranking positively, and helps build your brand reputation. 

The Takeaway

Driving relevant traffic to your website increases your chances of getting conversions.  Work with your local SEO services provider to ensure that all your SEO and other digital marketing strategies are integrated in building brand awareness, and eventually, creating brand reputation and authority.

5 Powerful Local SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

Small businesses get all types of daily advice from marketing experts about how to sell services or products to local customers. However, you have to take note that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. However, if you want to get better results, you must prioritize local SEO for your business.

Generally, local SEO is one of the best ways to optimize your website since it’ll help your local customers find you. It’s valuable because it provides your potential customers access to everything related to your business, like a physical address. To reap its amazing benefits for your small business, the only thing you need to do is to implement some powerful local SEO strategies.

Fortunately, there are countless strategies you can use for your local SEO. If you don’t know where to get started, hiring a local SEO agency may benefit you and your business as you’ll get to stay on the right track.

If you want to do your best and rely on your skills first, below are some of the best local SEO strategies you can try for your small business:

1. Be Mobile-Friendly

Any SEO company will tell you that it’s vital for your business to be mobile-friendly. Just think of the number of individuals who use smartphones these days. In fact, almost everyone uses mobile devices to access the internet more often than desktop devices. For this reason, most local searches are frequently done using smartphones. So, make sure that your website content is mobile-friendly and don’t forget to use local citations. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself neglected by most of your customer base.

2. Optimize Your Images

When it comes to local SEO, optimization isn’t only limited to text. Because of the blended nature of the search results, images can be seen on the search listings page, so it’s crucial to optimize your images for search engines.

Since search engines cannot read images, make sure that your images are all SEO-friendly by using alt tags to describe your image in a way that search engines will understand. Just make sure to combine it with a relevant and concise description that contains the best keywords appropriate for the images.

3. Clean Backlinks

Once you decide to implement local SEO in your business, it’s crucial to use backlinks. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t use them properly. It can be a problem since Google will penalize content or websites with bad backlinks, including the ones with a link to some problematic domains.

Penalties can reduce your search engine rankings, which can be problematic especially for small businesses. So, make sure to clean up your backlinks to maintain your search engine ranking.

4. Provide Good Content

Search engines now value quality over quantity. In the past several years, poorly created website content might have worked great for SEO. However, at present, Google prioritizes content that adds value to people’s lives. 

Luckily, it provides small businesses a chance to make content that sets them apart from their big rivals to reach the top search engine ranking. Just don’t focus on making plenty of content but concentrate on making quality content with appropriate keywords.

5. Attract Quality Reviews

For local businesses, you can check your Google My Business page, which appears in the sidebar of Google during searches. Basically, this page features business reviews and such can be some of the first things consumers see when looking for your business. That’s the reason why it’s vital to attract quality reviews from your happy and satisfied customers. You can do this by encouraging your customers to leave reviews for you.


With today’s highly competitive market, it isn’t easy to outrank your competitors. But it’s never impossible if you’ll implement the listed local SEO strategies for your small business. 

Once you’ve done it properly, you can be assured that you’ll get nothing but results, such as reaching more potential customers and better exposure in your local area.

5 SEO Tips To Implement For Your Business In 2021

Bloggers and site administrators know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for business. This digital marketing strategy allows you to reach your target audience through organic or unpaid traffic from search engines. The process may sound relatively simple. You just have to position your website at the top spot of Google’s or Bing’s results pages for relevant keywords. However, it can be challenging to actually nab the first place in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Think about it: almost all companies have developed sites for the purpose of introducing people to their brands. This phenomenon implies that competition for consumers’ attention is intense, and you have to make sure that you employ effective tactics to set your business apart from thousands of similar enterprises in your niche.

With this, here are some SEO tips that you can implement to boost traffic to your site in 2021:

1. Ramp Up Your Link Building Efforts

Link building refers to a process that involves acquiring backlinks, which pertain to links from other sites that direct web visitors to your domain. Aside from keywords, search engines continue to use links as ranking signals. This is because Google and Bing consider hyperlinks as votes of confidence on the information that a page contains.

If your website has a lot of inbound links, it’s highly likely to get the best position in the SERPs because it’s used by other sites as a reference when publishing their own content. Next year, you still have to monitor your rank and improve it through link building tactics, like guest posting and reaching out to authority figures in your industry.

2. Package Your Content Using Different Media Formats

While words will always be present to elaborate on the concepts you want to publish, you should also incorporate visually captivating media, such as images and videos. You also have to be careful about putting huge blocks of text on your articles or posts as this may put off most web users. 

These days, consumers prefer to look at infographics and watch videos since these media formats allow you to pack in a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. They also enable you to present data in an appealing and entertaining way, while still educating viewers.

3. Know How To Maximize Analytics Tools

Although there’s nothing wrong with relying on a digital marketing agency for SEO, you should be more hands-on with your campaign in 2021. This means that you have to stay on top of your site’s analytics. Monitoring this aspect can provide you with insight into the elements that are working for your ranking, as well as the areas that need improvement. Use a website traffic checker to check your domain’s performance, especially in the SERPs.

4. Enhance Your Site’s Mobile-Friendliness

Search engines have factored in the fact that most consumers prefer to use their phones when browsing the web. Due to this, mobile-friendliness has become another crucial ranking signal that site administrators should prioritize.

Google and Bing aim to deliver high-quality results to web users. That’s why they always update their algorithms to cater to the latter’s preferences. 

A majority of people are tethered to their phones, whether it’s to use search engines or scroll through their news feeds. Regardless of their reasons, consumers are more comfortable in navigating the web through their mobile devices, which is why you should ensure that your site still looks good on a smaller screen.  

5. Consider SEO Opportunities In Voice Search

The development of devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo has led to an increase in voice searches, which is one of the most crucial SEO factors. The year 2021 will see more of this type of query, and you should brace your site by incorporating long-tail keywords.

Most users would utilize complete sentences, similar to when they’re asking a friend. For instance, they’d be more likely to search for ‘how to clean a toilet seat’ when using voice search. However, they’d be more inclined to use shortcuts when typing it out, like ‘clean toilet seat’ or ‘clean toilet tips.’ You have to find a way to incorporate these key phrases into your content so that they’ll show up for relevant searches.


You should already have a solid SEO campaign by 2021 so that your site can rise up the SERPs and reach your target audience. Of course, you still have to consider and employ new tactics since web users’ needs and preferences keep on evolving. Follow these tips to help you boost traffic to your website and, ultimately, increase the number of people who purchase your products and services.

5 Meta Description Best Practices for SEO [2020]

A Meta description is a part of the HTML attribute that provides a summary of the web page. It is displayed in the search result and helps to influence the click-through-rates.

If the description is not right, it'll also affect your SEO strategy. Google still maintains its stand for not using Meta description as a ranking signal, but it is still the most critical on-page element for optimization.

It not only affects the traffic but also clicks. It affects the overall engagement of the website, and it indirectly boosts the search ranking. It also attracts the target audience to your website.

Your short snippets are still prime real estate in search results, grabbing attention and influencing turnovers. So, it's time to revisit and refresh those best practices to ensure your descriptions are SEO-savvy and current. If you need help in this arena, a Sydney SEO expert or a similar one in your location may be valuable.  

Why Meta Description is Important for SEO?

Not directly, but Meta description impacts the three ranking factors that are correlated to Google ranking. A good description of the page generates clicks on the web links; be it social media or SERP.

It aligns with the page content that follows, which results in engaged users. Search engines like Google love pages that are engaging.

A content that is differentiated by the Meta description can arise interest and result in the user clicking the web link or page than that of the competitor's link. So, it's an amazing way to drive CTR that results in more traffic on the site.

Think of your meta description as a miniature billboard for your brand. Infuse it with your unique voice and value proposition to set yourself apart from competitors in the search results. This strategy can boost brand awareness and attract qualified leads. 

A well-written meta description also informs users what they'll find on your page before they even click. This transparency reduces bounce rates and keeps users engaged once they land on your site. 

Lastly, many social media platforms pull snippet descriptions when sharing your content. A captivating meta description can entice users to share your page, expanding your reach beyond search engines.

Code and Character Limit

You need to keep in mind that the description should be in the below code sample format:

"<head><meta name="description"

content="This is an example of a meta description.

This will often show up in search results."></head>"

Google keeps changing the length of the character limit of the Meta description. Earlier the ideal length of description was 300, but now it's 150 to 160 characters.

A  description should be read in a natural and non-spammy way. It should employ the right keywords the page is targeting and should be relevant to the web page.

Meta Description Best Practices For SEO

1] Write Compelling Content

The Meta description tag serves the function of ad copy from an SEO perspective. It attracts the users to the website from SERP. It's not only visible but an important part of search marketing.When you create a readable and compelling description, it can improve the page ranking of the site.

To maximize the click-through-rates on the search pages, it's important to note that Google and other search engine bold the keywords in the description when they match the search queries. This bold text draws the searchers, so the description should match the keywords a user searches for.

It should provide a promising value to the user and understand the pain points. If the content is interesting, it also improves the brand building.

Write actionable content that gives you the best results for the website. It should serve the purpose of the optimization part. A good sales pitch with a bad product won't help, the same goes for the content of Meta description.

2] Research Your Audience Well

It is important to capture users' attention with the right description. When you write the content for Meta description, you need to understand the needs of your target audience.

Your content has to match up to the need, and your description part should act as your sales pitch. You need to understand the right intention behind the search query and deliver according to that intent.

Defining your audience's demographics, interests, and pain points is also best. This way, you can tailor your meta description to resonate with their needs and desires. More importantly, use clear, concise language appropriate for your audience's level of understanding. As much as possible, avoid jargon and overly technical terms. 

Lastly, every piece of content should offer value. Provide solutions, insights, or information your audience seeks in your meta description.

If the user searches for "best brandedshoes." This is an informational query where the user is searching for the product before making a buying decision.

So, now you need to write a description that targets the user searching for shoes. It should tell the user about different shoes available. It should be based on the reviews from runners and experts. It should be updated according to the current list.

3] Avoid Duplicate Tags and Quotation Marks

If you're using title tags, then Meta descriptions on every page should be unique.Write an original piece for every description as this will affect the SERP ranking. If you need to use the same description, merge the two pages to avoid writing for any one page. Duplicate content can confuse the users if they are making an internal site search.

Don't use the quotation marks in the description as Google generally cuts off the content that is quoted when it appears in the SERP. You need to remove all the non-alphanumeric characters from the Meta descriptions.

If you need to add the quotation marks, then you have a choice of using them in the HTML entity rather than the double quotes to avert truncation.

4] Include Your Focus Keywords in the Description

If the search keyword that the user uses to search in Google matches the part of the description, then it's highlighted in the results. This will link to your website, which will increase website traffic.

You need to perform keyword discovery to find the best keyword, then include it in the description part of SEO. Always include the value prepositions, as that'll give the readers reason to click on your link by explaining the benefits they'll receive by visiting your page.

Maintain an active voice as it's an interesting and easier way to understand. Meta descriptions that are written in active voice help to engage the users and also hold their attention.

Use the keywords correctly but don't overuse them. Always place the keyword in front of the title tag. You should focus on the readers and not only the search engines. Include your brand name wherever it's relevant.

5] Know What's Trending and Update

As an internet marketer, it's important to know what is trending in the industry. If there is an update regarding the Meta description and its ranking policy, you'll need to update your content accordingly.

If there is a change in the word count of the description, you should update it according to Google terms. If you don't update, then it might affect the ranking & traffic of your website.

Don't give too much information in your meta description as too much information may result in no click, and you don't want that to happen, right?

To Conclude,

Write an actionable description, click-worthy, and engaging. You should have a separate description for every page as that'll affect the click-through-rate of the website. To ensure a faster crawl rate, you need to have a good internal linking structure and an updated sitemap.

There is no predefined way to write optimized descriptions for your website, so you need to understand the user intent and write the content based on that.

How To Use YouTube To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Today, there’s an increasing number of entrepreneurs and businesses that use YouTube as a venue for connecting with their audience, sharing valuable information, and attracting potential clients. YouTube has, no doubt, become a powerhouse tool for digital marketing. For business owners like you, it only takes the right strategies for this video sharing platform to work to your advantage.

Talking about strategies, the problem with most entrepreneurs nowadays is that they focus on becoming a hit on YouTube too much without a concrete plan of how to turn those subscribers into website traffic and paying clients. Yes, you can be a big hit on YouTube, but what good does it bring if people don’t come to your website, subscribe to your email list, and buy what you sell? It’s where the importance of implementing strategies, like YouTube SEO, becomes evident. Well, even the simplest of techniques that this post will discuss below can help you out.

Why Use YouTube For Driving Traffic To Your Site?

Before anything else, you must understand why this video sharing platform is gold for marketers.

YouTube receives an awe-inspiring three billion views each day. It’s what makes it the third most visited site in the world. Many people also consider YouTube as the second largest search engine, only trailing behind Google, because of the number of searches that take place in this video sharing platform. For business owners like you, YouTube has incredible potential if the right strategy gets deployed.

Building brand awareness and even reaching celebrity status are inevitable once the correct strategy is in place. But, the problem is that you can’t find a video bank where you can earn dollars by trading in your video views. What you can do instead is to strategically leverage the videos you have on YouTube to perform one specialized and specific function, which is to drive quality traffic to your website.

What driving quality traffic means here is that you have to make sure that you’ll capture quality visitors. However, the problem is that the first thing that comes to the minds of most people and even marketers when thinking about YouTube is a viral video. They believe that capturing hilarious moments is what success on YouTube is all about. The truth is that millions of viewers or views aren’t necessary to get results as a business owner. All you need is quality, not quantity, in terms of channel visitors that you can convert to site traffic.

The videos you have on YouTube are what will create the much needed rapport with the viewers; once they end up on your business website, they’re pumped, primed, and ready to make the desired action with you. Of course, increased conversion rates follow.

The following are ways to increase your website’s traffic with the help of YouTube:

1. Tell Your Viewers What To Do

While it’s true that this is one of the easiest steps you can take, many people still overlook its importance. You need to communicate your specific and compelling CTA or call-to-action at the end of every video that you upload on YouTube. Your CTA has to tell your viewers exactly what to do to get into your website. Of course, you also have to tease them about the benefits they’ll enjoy in doing so.

You can complete this step using a simple one or two lines of dialog. Here is an excellent example: "Thanks for taking the time to watch my video! To learn how to create ads on Facebook that double your monthly revenue, don't hesitate to visit www.facebookadvertisingsecrettechniques.com to access this powerful and highly-effective video series. Hurry up--limited slots only!"

2. Add Link To Your Website In The Description

Another thing that you can do to ensure that your viewers on YouTube can reach your site is to add the link right on top of your video description. However, don't forget to include the "http://" so that people can quickly click through straight away without the need to click elsewhere.

Link to the appropriate page based on the video shared instead of linking to the homepage of the website. There's also an option for you to set a default description. It would appear every time you upload a YouTube video. Furthermore, don't forget to have the link edited so that it will go to the post or page you want to drive the traffic to.

youtube on smartphone

3. Use The Call-To-Action Overlay Option

Another effective way of converting your video viewers into high-quality and high-targeted website traffic is to make use of the little-known feature of YouTube called the call-to-action overlay.

The overlay is only a simple banner advertisement that sits on your video’s lower third. You can edit the copy of the overlay, including the thumbnail image and the destination you want users to go. It only takes a few minutes for this function to get set up, but missing out on adding it means leaving valuable website traffic on the table. You can activate the call-to-action overlay feature by signing up at ads.youtube.com.

4. Use Youtube Videos As A Supplement To Your Blog Post

Many entrepreneurs commit the mistake of reading their blog posts out loud to their YouTube viewers. While it's true that it can be tempting to undertake as it decreases the extra work you need to do for your website, it will still backfire on your target to increase traffic. Do you think users will still go to your site if they've already listened to the content of your blog post? Your YouTube videos should only contain supplemental pieces of information or short summaries.

5. Add Value To Your Links

So, what happens if users click on your links? If they don't get anything from doing it, then forget about adding one; you're only going to lose subscribers. Instead, give your viewers a reason to click on the link. What can you offer to them once they reach your website? Give them something like a resource that'll help them overcome their challenges, or, maybe a fuller explanation of what you've discussed on your YouTube channel. Don't forget that people will only want to follow the link going to your website if you offer value to them.


YouTube has given entrepreneurs and businesses access to a fantastic platform with millions of active users from all over the world. Some of those followers are your potential customers. Upload your videos and reach out to them. That way, you can drive new and high-quality traffic to your site in no time.

Benefits Of Using Local Citations For SEO

An online reference to a business’s name, phone, and address is called a citation. Sometimes, it includes a link to the business’s website. You often find companies that are mentioned in blogs, news articles, and press releases. Indeed, a citation can benefit a company’s business. But how do they get these mentions? In what way can it positively affect the business?

Read more about local citations for SEO below:

Aid in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google uses local search engine optimization (SEO) to present location-based results. This is shown to researchers looking for similar businesses in the area. Indeed, this is helpful if you own a medical office, restaurant, auto repair shops, coffee shops, and other types of businesses that have a physical location.

With Google’s My Business listing, it can increase your ranking. This is another benefit to your SEO efforts. Indeed, it can increase visibility among your customers as stated at citation audit and cleanup service.

Apart from rankings, Google considers NAP information or name, address, and phone number. Crawlers would compare the information you have with your business based on your website to confirm if the business that you have is authentic.

Even if with small discrepancies, it can cause Google to consider the two as separate businesses even though they are one and the same. If it continues to happen, it can impact negatively your ranking.

Thus, you should continue to get more optimization benefits from your directory listings through the following tips:

local citations for SEO

Verification and Trust

Citations are one important element of verification. They dictate the search engine that the business does exist. This is through accumulated mentions coming from different sources which all provide the same information about your business. If your business is listed on local and national sites, it can give your business a sense of authority, making it more credible in your customers’ eyes. As a result, your site will rank highly on the search engine results page and eventually improve web traffic and conversation rates.

Have a Visibility Boost

Always assume that your competitors are paying attention to their local business listings and so you must do it too. If the clients can find your competitor’s information much easier than your business, then there’s a big chance that they will go there. So make sure that you invest in local citations to improve your SEO rankings.

Online directories make users filter results with the use of categories. Examples of this are location, services, and business categories.

With local citations on directories that customers use, you can instantly get a visibility boost. Even if the customers end up selecting a competitor, they will consider your business the next time whenever they always see your listings. In other words, using structured and unstructured local citations can be an excellent way for building organic visibility within Google’s local SEO properties, such as Google Maps and Google Business Profile.

Improve the Reputation of the Business

There are lots of business directories that allow users to put their reviews like Google My Business. Utilizing these types of platforms can boost your online reputation with your customers.

If the right steps are taken as you respond to criticisms, you can boost your reputation's standing. Instead of merely reading a negative comment from a previous customer, you can maximize these directories to address such remarks. If the customer was unhappy because your business delivered products later than scheduled, apologize, and then offer something to make it up to the customer.

Business directories are accessible to the world, and using this platform to respond to queries or address concerns can surely make your business stand out. Customers - regardless if it's the one who vented out or ones who are only reading the comments from the sidelines - like it when businesses make an honest effort to address issues.

Cost-Effective Business Directories

Unlike the pay-per-click ads plus other ways to attract clients outside of your website, local citations are one way to achieve business goals that are cost-effective. There are lots of directories that allow local businesses to submit their listings without any payment.

Meanwhile, others ask for fees for special features like uploading videos or photos which are related to business. They also ask fees for additional business location listings. And they ask payment for website links, maps, and additional categories for your business.

Moreover, if you claim or add your business on My Business directory of Google, you can have your free business listing. This shows predominantly on Google search results. It can boost your visibility in Google Maps. With this, customers can make it easy to find your business location.

Finally, another great source of free listings with regards to your business information is the local Chamber of Commerce.

Hiring A Local SEO Agency

Indeed, using local citations can be helpful for your local SEO efforts. However, it's a good idea to work with an experienced and reliable SEO company specialising in local SEO and other relevant services if you want to get the most out of its benefits. Unless you’re an SEO expert, you probably need professional assistance to get this local SEO marketing strategy right.

However, choosing the right SEO partner can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, there are ways to help you find the appropriate SEO agency for your marketing needs. For example, asking for referrals from family and friends may be an excellent way to find reliable prospects. Someone you know might have also worked with an SEO company before and want to recommend it for its good work performance.

But if you haven’t received any recommendations, it’s time to browse the web and look for prospective companies. Once you have the list, to get to know each one by checking their experience, reputation, and level of customer support. Moreover, don’t forget to factor in the pricing to know if their rates suit your budget.


In sum, getting citations and keeping track of them can be time-consuming. But it can be beneficial to Google ranking and your business outreach. With citations on local sites, it can help your business establish authority and trust. Thus, you must take advantage of this easy SEO solution now. To ensure you make the right decision, keep the information mentioned above in mind to understand the benefits your business can reap by using local citations for SEO.