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This Sounds Cool! But Can You Give Me an Example?

Sure! So let’s say you’re an Italian restaurant in Darlinghurst, Sydney and you begin a link building strategy that results in a lot of online food blogs linking to your website, saying how terrific your restaurant is. With this increased popularity, Google will reward your website by pushing it up the search results for related keywords..

With an ongoing strategy of link building pursued over time, your website can become even more influential. So using the same example above, if that Darlinghurst restaurant begins a link building strategy today and keeps at it, over time they won’t just top the search results when people search for ‘Italian restaurant, Darlinghurst’, but also ‘Italian restaurant Eastern Suburbs’, and even ‘Italian restaurant Sydney’ – yes, the whole city!

Ultimately, it is a bit more complex than that – and getting a great SEO ranking can require a few elements coming together – but this example is a very realistic one when it comes to the power of starting and maintaining a good link building and wider SEO strategy. I’ve pursued strategies just like this for countless clients in Sydney and around Australia to great success.

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