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Improve Your Ranking With an SEO Audit

Is your PageRank low? Find out why!

Every day that your page ranks low on search engine results is a day that your competitors have an edge over you and your business leaves money on the table. Low page ranking reduces organic traffic and puts more pressure on your marketing department to take up the slack, resulting in increased ad spend with decreased ROI. You need someone with knowledge of SEO techniques to give your site a thorough examination and identify the reasons that it is not ranking higher in the search results. Then, you’ll have an actionable plan that will bring your ranking up and jumpstart your business growth.

What does an SEO audit check for?

A comprehensive SEO audit will search for both internal and external factors that determine a site’s page ranking. Entire books have been written about factors that affect SEO. Some of the most common of them are discussed below.

External Factors

Modern search engines care about linking only to the most popular and trustworthy authorities on a subject. Your popularity, trustworthiness, and authority scores are all calculated predominantly from external sources. These off-page factors are less in your direct control, but play one of the most important roles in your ranking.

At the heart of these metrics are backlinks. When another site links to yours, it’s called a backlink. You want to try to get other sites that are deemed trustworthy and authoritative to link to you. With the thorough understanding of your current off-page performance that an SEO audit will give you, we’ll be able to work together to create a solid plan for improvement.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to climb your way up the search engine rankings, contact me today. I’ll discuss the details of your business with you and go over your goals so we can decide on a plan that is right for you. Then, I’ll get to work going over your site with a fine-toothed comb to find all of the areas that are causing search engines to pass you by. When I’m done, I’ll present you with a detailed plan of action and help you understand the steps that you need to take to implement it. With your new, SEO friendly site you’ll begin seeing increased organic traffic in no time.

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