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Do you have an online store that is in need of a website redesign? Are you a Perth-based startup looking to get noticed with a new website? Are you looking for web designers to create your ideal ecommerce store? The Knight Agency is the right web design agency for you!

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The Knight Agency has over 10 years of web design experience. Our web design agency is focused on delivering professional business, e-commerce, and personal websites. Whether you need a new website, updated website content, or improvement in search engine optimisation - we have a solution for you.

If you're looking for custom web design, you've come to the right place. Not only do we make sure our websites are fast, responsive, and scalable, but they are also affordable and user friendly. Our digital solutions have everything you need to build and expand your digital presence.

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A good website is the ultimate online representation of a business. I take pride in creating amazing websites for a diverse range of small businesses. Each responsive web design is unique, innovative, and clearly presents your company's key messages to accentuate your unique offering


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Oil, Gas & Mining

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Ready To Get Started on Your Web Design? Here's How It Works


Head over to the Get Started page and tell me about your business and your project. I only take on web design projects I know I can handle with a high degree of quality in a timely manner, and it’s important to establish if we’re the right fit before we start working together.

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The Brief

It’s time to schedule a meeting or a call. I want to know the key elements about your brand, your products, your services, and your unique selling proposition to draft the ultimate web design. Tell me about your target audience, potential customers, your competitors, and goals so we can formulate innovative ideas and a website design within a strategy that meets your business objectives and deadlines.

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The Delivery

The delivery is what sets us apart from other Perth web design options. It’s where I get to showcase my talents and punch out what I believe is an exceptional product worthy of your investment. The whole process puts your eyes on my work & allows for testing before launch. Whether you're a new business, a small business, selling online, or generating leads, we offer the complete package. This web design company has a lot of satisfied clients.

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Perth Web Design with Aaron Knight

If you're looking to finally bring your business into the digital age, you need professional web design services. Here's why:

Customisable and scalable design

Our designs are not only chic and beautiful, but they're also customisable and scalable. Do you want to change things up for a special promotion? Do you want to add a new section to the website? We write excellent code, and we always make sure our clients can easily scale and customise our finalised design.

Fast, responsive, and bug-free website

It isn't enough for the design to be stylish, outstanding, and unique, but the website needs to be fast, responsive, and bug-free. We won't sacrifice one aspect of your website for another. When a potential client visits your website, we'll make sure they'll have an excellent experience.

Affordable and reliable services

Web development services have acquired a reputation for being expensive, but we're here to change that: contact us now and we'll show you how a development service can be both affordable and reliable. We meet our deadlines, and we stay within budget — we aim to be a partner you can truly rely on.

Excellent Web Design for Western Australia- based Companies

Coming up with the perfect design for a website can be hard, but it is crucial to the success of many businesses who enter the online world. We take a systemic, scientific, and careful approach to our web designs:

Brand-friendly and appropriate

It isn't enough for a design to be flashy or chic. It also needs to jive well with the company's brand and be appropriate for the industry. We make sure our web designs both help you build your brand online and follow industry best practices to help you look like an authority in your industry, and truly master your digital space.

Easily navigable and practical

The days where UI was the only thing that mattered, have long passed: without proper UX, a design is incomplete. With years of experience crafting excellent user experiences while building websites, we'll help you create a design that is easy to use, easily navigable, and practical.


“Mum Put All Of These On The Fridge”

Web Design Perth Happiness Guarantee

You Don’t Pay For The Site Until You’re 100% Happy With It

As a web developer, I specialise in creating beautiful, custom sites for all my clients and provide revisions on every project until we end up with a finished project we can both be proud of. I try to meet every one of my clients in person before starting a web design project so we can establish clear goals & requirements and ensure the on-time delivery of a project.

I provide cost-effective websites and digital marketing solutions that will help your business achieve its objectives within the working time frame. Have a look at my web design portfolio below to get a feel for the quality of my work.


"Things I Repeat On A Daily Basis"
Is It Worth Paying for a Web Designer?

Many people see the upfront cost of a custom website content, and they take a step back, thinking it can’t possibly be worth that much money. But here’s what they’re not considering: a custom website is a long-term investment that will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

A custom website will help your business stand out, allows you creative control over your digital presence, and helps you truly distinguish yourself from the competition: many experts consider it a pre-requisite for companies and entrepreneurs that truly want to establish themselves online.

We live in a digital world and customers expect to find products easily within online search results. Don't under estimate the amount of people using their mobile phones to locate services online. Your website designers need to offer responsive web design to ensure your website's success. Mobile friendly website design allows for new clients to find your business easily across search engines.

How Much Does It Cost to Pay a Web Designer?

This is a fairly complicated question, because, as you might know, web design is a highly individualized service: there’s a lot of variance between different web designs, and businesses, rightly, want a variety of functions, services, and features added to their website.

So, while we can say a website will generally cost around $5,000 to $10,000, this is far from a concrete estimate, and your project might cost more or less depending on your needs and requirements. You should contact us right away, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote after discussing what you have in mind.

Should My Business Have a Custom Website?

If you’re looking to expand your digital presence, this is one of the most important questions you’ll be asking yourself, and the answer will, ultimately, depend on a few specific factors.

How important will your business’s digital presence be to the core of your business? If you’re a primarily brick-and-mortar store with a minimal digital presence, a custom website, although extremely nice to have, isn’t necessary. If you’re an e-commerce business, then a custom website is a definite necessity.

There are many quick and easy ways to create a website today. Web templates are readily available to both professional and novice web designers, and while cost-effective, these templates have created uniformity and blandness to the web landscape. A custom-built website will not only have a unique look and feel to impress and keep your customers engaged, but it will help your business stand out in a sea of sameness.

What Does Good Web Development Look Like?

Not all web design agencies are created equal, make sure you partner with someone who understands the digital game and how to set you up for success in the long run. Most web developers can make new websites look flashy, but often neglect what's under the hood of the web page. This is a major mistake. You don't just want the flashiest website, you want a web design that is fit-for-purpose.

We work closely with a broad range of Australian businesses to create websites, improve digital marketing, and overall boost their web presence. Our web design services can improve sales funnels by ranking high in major search engines.

How to Find Good Web Designers?

Although website designers make a lot of grandiose claims, many of them fail to deliver, sadly. If you want to find a good website designer, you have to look beyond their claims and judge them by some objective criteria:

  • portfolio: what does the web designers’ portfolio look like? Are the websites stylish? Are they responsive? Can they help distinguish you from your competitors? These are all questions you need to answer by taking a gander at their portfolio and judging it.
  • experience: how much experience does the web developer have? Has he worked with Perth-based companies before? Does he have live examples of responsive web design he’s created? This is what you should be looking for when looking at a designer’s experience.
  • suitability: how suitable is the designer for your business’s website designs? You should always try to find developers and designers who have worked with companies in your industry before, especially if you’re trying to invest in a large project.
How do I know my web design is fit for purpose?

In order for your web design to last, you need to make sure you can easily maintain it, customise it, and scale it. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new business or an industry leader, your website design will dictate your digital presence. One thing is undeniable: a custom designed website is one of the best ways for a company to expand their digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

Who Owns a Website You Build for Me?

You do! Every website I build for a client is always owned 100% by them. When you get right down to it, the work I do is similar to a car manufacturer or mechanic.

I build the website and then you ‘take the keys’ and drive it. I can also fix the website if any issue comes up. But the same rule always applies: you own your website and can take full creative control over it!

Why Work with The Knight Agency?

When you entrust me with design services, you're not just getting a website – you're gaining a comprehensive strategy for online success. I begin by conducting thorough keyword research and mapping to pinpoint the most effective terms for boosting your digital marketing and search visibility. I am here to collaborate with you on your web design project, and communication and quality assurance are at the forefront of our partnership. Whether you prefer phone calls, in-person meetings, or Zoom sessions, I'm readily available to address your ideas or concerns. With my meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering results, your online presence is in capable hands.

What Is The Process for Getting Started?

Website design can vary for different style businesses, however the process for getting started remains the same. First, we introduce ourselves to understand how your business operates and the primary objectives for undertaking a custom web design. Next, we develop a brief based on your business goals and future proof the design for any changes that might occur as your business grows. Lastly, we structure a delivery process that addresses each component of the brief to ensure successful results.

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