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Get Peace Of Mind Knowing Your
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E-commerce Maintenance Packages
From $450 + Gst Per Month

E-commerce Stores Need Reliability.

When things go wrong, it can mean a stop to cashflow. Often these things can go undetected for days, weeks or sometimes even months!

Having an e-commerce maintenance package in place drastically reduces the risk of your users finding out something is broken before you do. Happy users means more sales and revenue for your business!

What’s Included?

Uptime monitor – Instant notifications if the website goes down.

Weekly Checks

  • Check homepage for errors (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Check category page for errors (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Check product page for errors (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Test checkout process (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Test contact form
  • Run & review site scan for errors
  • Resolve minor issues
  • Report larger issues & recommendations


"Things I Repeat On A Daily Basis"
Why is eCommerce Website Maintenance Important?

Have you ever ended up on a website with an online store and have made futile attempts to purchase something? Maybe you had difficulty navigating the user interface; the buttons did not work as they were supposed to, or when at checkout, a disappointing message displayed that the selected product was “Out of Stock” even though it was listed as available.

With the stiff competition today, these little irritants can quickly put off your customers, especially when they do not have a seamless and smooth shopping experience. It can also damage your authority and reputation online, which can be extremely challenging to reverse.

Continuous website maintenance ensures that there are no hangups or technical errors and that everything is working as it should. It is also great for SEO purposes and increases your chances of ranking when the eCommerce is up-to-date. Since your website is crucial when it comes to making a first impression on potential customers, the importance of an immaculate webpage cannot be downplayed.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your eCommerce Website?

A simple return to the search results or a single search has the potential to direct dissatisfied customers into the hands of your competitors. Is it wise to hand over potential customers just because your website lacks substance, does not have enough information, has poor usability or is out-of-date? No, it is quite unwise, especially when regular website maintenance can easily avoid these issues. If you do not maintain your website regularly, it could easily be perceived as shady and unprofessional and can impact your sales. Over time, your business’s reputation can also take a hit.

Think of it this way, brands who run their businesses through a brick-and-mortar model never allow their space to become dilapidated or willingly make it difficult to find products. The stores are almost always in peak condition, maintained, and look aesthetically pleasing. Why should your eCommerce store be any different? With customers preferring to shop online and the internet becoming more prevalent than ever, the regular maintenance of websites has become crucial for a business’s success.

Why Should You Choose Us To Maintain Your eCommerce Store?

As a business owner, you could be juggling many things and may not have the technical know-how or the time to update your website. In this case, hiring a dedicated person to maintain your website will ensure that you never lag behind your competitors and never lose customers just because your website wasn’t up to standard.

We specialize in internet marketing and management, meaning that we consider everything from usability, and conversions, to functionality. We have an inherent understanding of how every change impacts a website from a marketing perspective. We don’t make changes or take action just we are commissioned to do so – our success is when our clients succeed online. We go above and beyond to provide practical suggestions and consultation based on an outsider’s/ customer’s perspective.

Our tried and tested processes have made it incredibly fast and easy to update your online eCommerce store. Our services are fast, efficient, and most importantly, affordable and require no downtime so that your business can continue running without problems. We work directly with our clients and have no middlemen that are usually present with website management and maintenance tasks.

Through our extensive experience in dealing with issues experienced by store and website owners, we offer services that yield powerful and straightforward results. We aimed to create a service that we feel comfortable and proud recommending to our closest friends and family, and thankfully, we have done just that.

Why is eCommerce Website Maintenance Important?

Have you ever visited an online store and tried to purchase a product only to find that you had a difficult time registering or navigating through the site, finding out how to place an item in a cart, or worse yet; you reached the payment page only to be notified that the product is no longer in stock even though it was listed on the site? All of these annoyances and more to the customer can severely damage your reputation and authority online.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Maintain Your Online Store?

A single search in a search engine, or click back to the search results will place a dissatisfied customer in the hands of your competition. Can you afford to give away potential sales just because your website is inaccurate, lacks information, is out of date or has poor usability? What happens when you need something fixed or updated and you don’t have the know-how or time to research a consultant each time something needs changing or goes wrong? If you don’t maintain your eCommerce website you may be seen as unprofessional or shady and it will impact your sales conversions and over time it could affect your business’ reputation altogether. Most people and businesses that operate physical brick and mortar stores would never allow their store to become outdated, or intentionally make it difficult to purchase or find items; so why does it happen so frequently online? The internet is in the hands of more people than ever before and mobile searches and purchases are exploding. Online eCommerce store maintenance is crucial to your success.

Why Should Webdigia Maintain Your Online Store?

Webdigia is an internet marketing and management company, which means that we consider conversions, usability, functionality and each changes impact from a marketing perspective in everything we do. We don’t want to just make changes; we want to help you succeed online too and will provide consulting and suggestions from an outsider’s (customers) perspective.

We have made the process of updating your online eCommerce store extremely easy yet affordable by eliminating all the middlemen that are often present with website maintenance tasks. Combining our experience in website management, and reaching out to online store owners and administrators we created an eCommerce maintenance service that is straight forward and powerful. Our goal was to create a product that we would buy or recommend to our closest friends and family, and that is just what we did. In three easy steps you can request and have a change completed, knowing that it was done right the first time.

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