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What Adwords Is

Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) is the online advertising service owned by Google and used across Google’s online platform. As Google is the most popular search engine in the world – everybody just says ‘I’ll Google it’ when looking to find something online, right? – Google Ads is always a top pick when it comes to advertising a business online.

With Google’s search engine as it’s backbone, AdWords ads appear across a wide variety of online searches. Alongside the ad that will appear at the top of a regular Google search, AdWords ads can also be found across regular websites, which Google arranges via a deal with the website owner. Providing them some ad revenue in agreement for advertising on the site.

Due to this, Google’s AdWords has a really huge reach. Anybody who uses AdWords to advertise can tap into this enormous network. Best of all, while the reach is huge, getting setup on Google AdWords isn’t that hard. But there are a few things to understand before you do.


Not All Ads are Made Equal

Though the concept of AdWords is very simple, proper execution with it can be very hard. Advertising is a tough business. Online advertising even more so. Success in this space requires an in-depth understanding of a number of web principles like SEO, analytics, and even day to day consumer demand and marketing trends.

eCommerce looks easy but it’s actually complex. Integrating AdWords into it creates a whole new challenge. When done well it can absolutely boost your business’ online audience, and drive traffic to your website. When done poorly it can be a big waste of time and money. That’s a bad result for any business, but especially for an entrepreneur or small business needing to ensure they get good value for money, and real bang for their buck when it comes to advertising.


Why I’m the Right Online Marketing Wizard for You

As a veteran web designer and marketer I know AdWords in and out. Each day, I put to use my many years of experience as a digital professional in all things AdWords. Hire me and I can:

  • Create your AdWords campaign
  • Maintain your AdWords campaign
  • Refresh your existing AdWords campaign

I know AdWords from top to bottom, start to finish. I’ve attended Google Masterclasses before, I’m Google AdWords certified, and am at work using AdWords each and every day to ensure my client’s ads end up in front of people’s eyes. Hire me to manage your AdWords campaign and I’ll get you out in front of your competitors, and keep your there. High visibility, high impact, and great value for money. These three goals are at the centre of every AdWords campaign I create.

So, if you need AdWords assistance? Get in touch with me today!

Online Marketing Wizard
Aaron Knight

1 person to deal with from sign up to reporting

You’re looking at him. I’ve run digital agencies before, and the biggest issue they seem to face is losing clients due to lack of transparency, confusion or neglect. That’s why I’ve chosen to build my brand using my own name. You’ll deal with the same person from start to finish and I’ll manage your campaign every step of the way. I keep my client base small to offer a more personalized service.

100% Happy or Your Money Back


Here's some things I get asked a lot.
Do I need to give you the ad or can you help me create one?

I am happy to use your existing ad or help you create one with my super talented team.

Can I use any ad I like in AdWords?

AdWords is a really flexible platform but there are some basic rules surrounding the quality and size on an image. If your existing image fits these specifications, great! If not, we can always help you edit it to ensure it meets AdWords’ requirement, or help you create a new one.

How much does each AdWords campaign cost?

Each AdWords campaign is a lot like placing billboards along the side of a road. The more billboards you place, and the more traffic the road gets, the more the billboards will cost.
The same principle applies to AdWords. This said, I always look to ensure all my AdWords campaigns make a real impact – and always deliver great value for money to every client.

Can I use AdWords with my existing website?

You sure can! If you have an existing website and you’d like to advertise on it there’s a number of ways you can integrate AdWords into it. I am always happy to have a chat with anyone who is looking to get this structure setup, and it’s something I’ve done for many clients before.

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