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Wordpress development - Sydney

Do you want a high-quality WordPress website? Do you want to ensure you reach new audiences and markets? Do you want incredible features that will make your website stand out? You've come to the right place.

I'm an experienced WordPress developer with years of expertise serving clients in Sydney. Whether you want a business, governmental, educational, or personal website, I have the skills to deliver an exceptional WordPress platform.


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    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet. It is used to develop everything from personal portfolio websites to Fortune 500 platforms that serve millions of people each day.

    A content management system is a tool that allows you to create and manage digital content, and this is what you need to understand about WordPress. It isn’t just a website development tool that allows you to design a website, it also offers a lot of tools and features that allow you to create and manage digital content. This all without requiring the user to have deep technical knowledge of how the underlying website has been coded and designed.

    WordPress is extremely versatile and easily customisable. It offers a wide set of features from plugins to themes and much more. It offers a marketplace where you can browse tens of thousands of community-made plugins that greatly expand on WordPress’s core functionality.

    All this combined have resulted in WordPress becoming one of the most influential pieces of software in the last 20 years when it comes to web development and the internet.

    Why Use WordPress?

    There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular and why you should use WordPress for your project. Their aforementioned versatility certainly plays a role. Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, a skilled WordPress developer will likely be able to easily implement it in WordPress.

    Another feature that makes WordPress an excellent choice is how easy it is to manage after development. In a world where your website’s discoverability and visibility is dependant on the amount of content you have on the site, a tool that lets you easily publish, edit, and manage content is extremely powerful. This is why WordPress websites are usually far more successful than websites developed by more complex, harder-to-manage tools.

    WordPress is 18 years old, and this is substantial in the world of web development. It is one of the older, continuously updated and maintained tools available.  It is time-tested and ironed out, unlike many of the newer tools on the market. This means that you can be sure WordPress websites are less prone to security risks, more ironed out, and suffer from fewer bugs. This is why some of the biggest companies in the world rely on WordPress.

    Lastly, not only is WordPress free and open-source, but development for WordPress is more straightforward than most other tools, especially if you let an experienced WordPress developer take care of it. This makes creating WordPress websites extremely cost-effective and affordable. It is suitable for companies and projects of all sizes.

    The Best Freelance WordPress Developer & Designer – Sydney

    Although WordPress has the reputation of being for being a development tool for beginners, this couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. It truly shines at the hand of a professional, experienced WordPress design and development specialist.

    Building the right foundation is really important for a site: If you want a business website or a personal portfolio, you’ll likely be relying on the website for years if not decades. And if you don’t have the right foundation, your website will become outdated quickly, will be a nightmare to maintain, and is going to be virtually impossible to upgrade and expand.

    But with the right WordPress developer – Sydney, you can get a WordPress website that is built to last, developed using the latest technologies and best practices, and designed with maintainability and expandability in mind!

    Making sure you stand out: just owning a website isn’t enough anymore in today’s digital age. Most businesses already have websites, and while creating a mediocre, simplistic website will help you a bit, it won’t be enough to compete in most industries.

    If you truly want to succeed, you need a high-quality, stylish website that’s responsive with great UX. This type of WordPress development is only possible with the help of a professional developer with years of experience such as I.

    Putting your website on the radar: ┬ánowadays, most users find business websites through search engines or social media, and these platforms use intricate tools to decide which website to show and which one to hide. So, aside from needing a website that’s optimised for humans, you also need a website that’s optimised for search engines. This is called search engine optimisation (SEO).

    Only an experienced developer can design your website in a manner that adheres to the principles of SEO. This makes your website get more traffic, have a higher conversion rate, and raise more revenues. It is truly a must if you want to build a successful business website.

    I’m the Developer You Need – Get in Touch

    With years of experience working with various Sydney-based clients of various sizes, I have a vast track record of creating successful and professional WordPress websites. You can check my portfolio to catch a small glimpse of the projects I’ve worked on.

    Are you interested in contacting me? Whether you want to discuss your project, ask questions, or have any concerns, you can easily reach me by phone or email. I’m always up for an in-person chat in Sydney, too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Does a WordPress Development Project Take?

    This is a really hard question to answer as it widely depends on the scope of the project and its complexity. You should get in touch so we can discuss the details of the project. I’ll be able to give you a concrete answer after that.

    Can You Help Me Design My Website?

    Yes, I can take care of the entire development process from taking the requirement phase all the way to designing, coding, testing, and deployment phases.

    Can You Help Me Maintain My Website?

    While I’m a developer first and foremost, I can take care of the maintenance and content publishing on your website if we work out a deal.


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      Gabriel Barra
      Gabriel Barra
      01:40 26 Nov 21
      Absolute legends and love working with them!
      Vicky N
      Vicky N
      04:28 30 Sep 21
      Aaron was super attentive to what I wanted to get done. I highly recommend this team of professionals, they listen and... they get job done promptly. Thanks once again more
      Margaret Manson
      Margaret Manson
      02:25 28 Sep 21
      Aaron and his organisation have provided excellent responsiveness in my project. My business website had some technical... issues that required diverse expertise, from understanding technical SEO to web development. Now is fast as a quick thought. It was a more
      baudouin debruyne
      baudouin debruyne
      05:52 24 Aug 21
      A true delight to work with, I look forward to working with them in the near future once again.
      Ahmad Faizi
      Ahmad Faizi
      09:56 05 Jun 21
      The food doesn't take too long to come through. The taste is pretty good. Fav rashays branch.
      Chandra Moully Rai
      Chandra Moully Rai
      16:35 26 Feb 21
      Aaron has deep knowledge about Inbound marketing, SEO and web developement. He works hard to ensure a solid ROI on your... marketing expenditure. Highly Recommended !!read more
      Receipts Admin
      Receipts Admin
      08:37 24 Jul 20
      I worked with Aaron a little over three months to make my idea a reality, he smashed the targets we put in place and... developed a website that exceeded my expectations. Great guy, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!! GLFread more
      Jiwan  Prasad
      Jiwan Prasad
      03:55 17 Mar 20
      Professional, friendly service delivering quality results on time and on budget. Quick to respond throughout the... project and provided clear effective communications at all times. A pleasure to work more
      Damian Van Aswegen
      Damian Van Aswegen
      23:03 10 Dec 19
      Highly recommend Aaron Knight to anyone running a business looking to maintain and grow their business on the internet.... He is fast to respond, very easy to deal with and extremely reliable. He has been a great partner to our companyread more
      Frida Eriksson Moussa
      Frida Eriksson Moussa
      03:56 02 Dec 19
      Professional and reliable freelance web designer. Can highly recommend!
      Michael Hall
      Michael Hall
      02:40 20 Feb 19
      Aaron was excellent to work with. Very happy with the web site and ongoing services..
      Bondi Bella
      Bondi Bella
      09:16 31 Oct 18
      Aaron is absolutly amazing at his work, very professional, great communication and listens well. I will highly... recommend his servicesread more
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