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Responsive web design, cutting-edge technology, and affordable services: The Knight Agency is perfect for Sunshine Coast businesses looking for development services!

Sunshine Coast Businesses Deserve the Best Website Design Services

At the Knight Agency, we use agile methodology, cutting-edge technology, and years of experience to develop reliable, bug-free, and stylish websites and web applications for our clients. Having worked with clients from all over Australia, including Sunshine Coast, we know what it takes to ensure your project is successful.


A website is the ultimate online representation of a business. I take pride in creating corporate websites that are unique, innovative and clearly present your company’s key messages and accentuate your unique


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Sunshine Coast Businesses Need the Knight Agency

Whether you want to establish a presence online, you want to expand to new markets, or you want to improve your competitiveness, digital services are essential.

Thanks to the Knight Agency, you can get websites and web apps to your exact requirements at very affordable prices. Paying attention to performance, style, and functionality, we make sure you stand out in the digital space. Contact us now, and let’s discuss your project.

What Makes The Knight Agency’s Website Development Services Special

Sunshine Coast businesses deserve the best web design services, and here at the Knight Agency, we aim to deliver. When you contact us for a job, you can be sure that our services are special:

  • Methodological approach: With each project, we take on, we make sure we have a proper, methodological, agile approach. This involves fast iterations, constant contact with the client, and flexible development. Our approach is reliable and time-tested.
  • Years of experience: Thanks to years of experience working with Australian-based businesses, we know exactly what Sunshine Coast companies want. We understand the scene, and we make sure we deliver something above and beyond what you expect.
  • Long-term commitment: A project isn’t merely website design, it is also quality assurance, support, and updates. We offer long-term commitments that ensure our projects remain up to date, working at 100% for years down the line.

If you’re a Sunshine Coast business owner or entrepreneur, and these sound good to you, then you should give us a call!


“Mum Put All Of These On The Fridge”

Web Design Happiness Guarantee

You Don’t Pay For The Site Until You’re 100% Happy With It

As a web designer and web developer, I specialise in creating beautiful, custom sites for all my clients and provide revisions on every project until we end up with a finished project we can both be proud of. I try to meet every one of my clients in person before starting a web design project so we can establish clear goals & requirements and ensure the on-time delivery of a project.

I provide cost-effective websites and digital marketing solutions that will help your business achieve its objectives within the working time frame. Have a look at my web design portfolio below to get a feel for the quality of my work.


"Things I Repeat On A Daily Basis"
What Kind of Web Development Agency Should I Choose?

Choosing the right agency for a web project can be difficult – from the requirements to the budget, there are many things you need to consider:

  • Choose an agency with relevant experience: you have to choose an agency with relevant experience. Without experience and a portfolio to show for it, the agency will likely deliver subpar, unprofessional products that won’t truly propel your business forward.
  • Choose an affordable agency: you have to choose an affordable agency. What’s the point of choosing the best agency if you don’t have the capital to finance the project? You need to look for great web design services at affordable prices.

You’ll be happy to learn that the Knight Agency fits both descriptions: Not only do we have years of experience working with businesses from all corners of Australia, but we also offer our services at very affordable prices. Contact us now!

What's the Price of Website Design for Sunshine Coast?

Web design services are essential for many Sunshine Coast businesses. However, one of the impediments business owners often cite is the cost.

But, this is a misconception. Website design doesn’t need to be expensive, and its cost depends on multiple factors:

  • The complexity of the design: How complex the website design is has a large impact on the cost of the project. Custom assets, unique designs, and bespoke web elements all require time and therefore increase the cost of the project.
  • The size of the website: The number of the landing pages, categories, etc. will proportionally impact development time.
  • The features required: the number and the complexity of features you want to add to your website will influence its cost. Custom, complex features can be quite costly to develop.

Here at The Knight Agency, we offer extremely affordable website design services without compromising on quality. Regardless of the complexity and the size of the project, you can rely on us.

How to Ensure the Success of a Software Development Project?

Ensuring the success of a software project can be essential for the survival of your business. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure its success:

  • Have a clear vision: If you want the project to be successful, it is important to understand what you want. What do you want the web project to accomplish? How are you planning on getting a return on your investment?
  • Hire the right website designer: You must carefully select the agency you entrust with the project. Choosing the wrong agency will doom your project to failure. Choose an agency with experience and expertise like the Knight Agency.
  • Communicate your needs clearly: It is important to communicate your expectations and requirements. The development agency needs to understand your expectations if it is to meet them.
Is a Business Website Worth It?

Companies based in Sunshine Coast will benefit from investing in a business website: It is a great way to build an online presence, attract new customers, and diversify sources of income.

As the world becomes more digital, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in their digital presence. Most CEOs polled have reported their investment in a website has had a good ROI.

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