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Gold Coast-based company looking for a professional, reliable, and modern business website to expand your operations and create a digital presence? Look no further. Our services are just what you need.

Modern, Professional, and Affordable Web Design for Gold Coast-based Companies

At the Knight Agency, we are ready to build and design professional business websites for both individuals and corporations of various shapes and sizes. If you want talented professionals with years of experience to handle your web project? Give us a call!


A website is the ultimate online representation of a business. I take pride in creating corporate websites that are unique, innovative and clearly present your company’s key messages and accentuate your unique


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Reliable, Cutting Edge Website Development at the Knight Agency

Businesses from all over Australia, and especially the Gold Coast, have been looking to create a digital presence for themselves. With the growth in online shopping and the changes in consumer spending habits, exploiting the online space is an opportunity many businesses can’t ignore anymore.

If you want professional, business-grade web design and development services, you’ve come to the right agency. Thanks to our decade-long experience working with Australia-based businesses, the quality and efficacy of our services are unparalleled.

4 Reasons why the Knight Agency should be Your Web Design Company of Choice

From our inception, we’ve strived to keep our clients happy and satisfied, and we’ve had resounding success. There are many reasons why our clients trust us with their web development projects:

  • Cutting-edge technology: We make sure the tools and frameworks we use are all up-to-date and cutting edge. This makes for a more reliable, secure, and performant end product.
  • An agile approach to the project: By using agile methodology, we quickly create the foundation of a project and successively iterate on it. This makes our approach flexible and reliable, and we can quickly and easily integrate changes our clients request.
  • Constant communication with the client: Ensuring we and the client are on the same page is the key to success. Through constant communication, we make sure there are no misunderstandings and the client is constantly happy with our job.
  • A robust QA system: A reliable, professional, and bug-free web design needs to go through extensive quality assurance, and that’s exactly what we do here at the Knight Agency. Thanks to our robust, thorough, and lengthy QA process, when we hand over the project to our clients, they can be sure it is responsive, bug-free, and reliable.


“Mum Put All Of These On The Fridge”

Web Design Happiness Guarantee

You Don’t Pay For The Site Until You’re 100% Happy With It

As a web designer and web developer, I specialise in creating beautiful, custom sites for all my clients and provide revisions on every project until we end up with a finished project we can both be proud of. I try to meet every one of my clients in person before starting a web design project so we can establish clear goals & requirements and ensure the on-time delivery of a project.

I provide cost-effective websites and digital marketing solutions that will help your business achieve its objectives within the working time frame. Have a look at my web design portfolio below to get a feel for the quality of my work.


"Things I Repeat On A Daily Basis"
Does It Cost Money to Make a Website?

Having a professional, reliable website should be a priority for most Gold Coast businesses, but the biggest concern business owners have is about the cost: How much would it cost to build a professional website?

This is a valid concern, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which are usually short on capital. Don’t worry though, depending on what kind of website you’re looking for and what compromises you’re willing to make, you can hire a website designer for very affordable prices. Contact us about the details of your project, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote and tell you how much your website will potentially cost.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Website?

Depending on the project, website design can be either easy and straightforward or lengthy and complex. It depends on a multitude of variables: What kind of features do you want your website to have? How many landing pages do you want to design? How many platforms do you want to target?

Thankfully, though, with our help, you’ll be able to learn the precise timetable. Just give us a call and tell us the details of your project, and we’ll be able to give you an accurate deadline of when we can finish your project. It is that simple.

How Do You Design a Website?

There are many ways to go about web design: you can use raw HTML and CSS to build a static website. You can use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress to design a website without touching code, and you can use cutting-edge tools like Node.JS to build the back-end and design a website.

Here at the Knight Agency, we use a mixed approach to web design: Depending on our client’s projects and their requirements, we’ll choose development tools that can best get the job done. This approach makes our web design services affordable, reliable, and flexible. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

Which Software is Best for Web Design?

There are many software development tools and frameworks out there: To just list them all would take pages upon pages. This can feel overwhelming, and that’s why many business owners in Gold Coast often ask, “Which one is the best?”

Sadly, however, there’s no straightforward answer to this question. Different types of development tools excel at different things. WooCommerce is an excellent tool for e-commerce businesses, React is great for modular designs, and so forth. You need a competent website design company that can use appropriate tools for your project, and the Knight Agency is exactly what you’re looking for.

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