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Establish a strong digital presence and attract new customers for your business with the help of our highly skilled web designers, content management systems, and development team.

Aaron Knight is a Bendigo web design outfit that helps create functional business websites with unique graphic design and expand your business to Bendigo-based clients and beyond. With each click, we aim to project your business’ values into every code, so your clients understand the vision in bold colours and fonts.

Your clients are at the core of our creative process; therefore, we curate responsive, affordable, flexible, scalable websites with futuristic designs. From the introduction to delivery, expect a website design tailored to boost sales and capture Bendigo audiences.

Aaron Knight- Web Design with a Twist

We bring your vision to life with our efficient three-step process. First, we create a healthy work environment where you introduce us to your business goals and plans to ensure our visions align. Our agency is reputable in Bendigo for handling projects with quality and timely delivery.

The next step is meeting to discuss target goals, competitors, and unique selling points, which will help our web design team find working strategies that will beat deadlines and give you an instant edge in Bendigo. Schedule a meeting with us via email or call today.

At the end of consultations, our professional delivery convinces you that you get true value for your money. Finally, we give you a firsthand experience that allows you to test-run your new website and tweak a few things before launch.


A good website is the ultimate online representation of a business. I take pride in creating amazing websites for a diverse range of small businesses. Each responsive web design is unique, innovative, and clearly presents your company's key messages to accentuate your unique offering


Beauty & Fitness

Health Care






Oil, Gas & Mining

Food & Catering

Development, Design
& Architecture

Hardware &

Music, Art &

Legal Practices

How We Do It

We understand the perfect website design can be somewhat difficult, but this is how it works at Aaron Knight:

Our web designers help you cement your brand’s presence online with your industry’s ivy league by ensuring your website design follows the footprints of the industry’s best in Bendigo and beyond.

We combine the quantitative and qualitative knowledge of UI/UX to create a new website design that is easy to use, navigate, and not far from the real world.

Our Work History

We take pride in curating an innovative business website design that conveys your company’s core values and emphasises your competitive advantage.

Over the years, we’ve worked in Hospitality, Beauty & Fitness, Health Care, Automotive, Energy, Property Development, Recruitment, Events, Hardware & Equipment, Oil, Gas & Mining, Music, Art & Photography, Food & Catering, and Legal Practice firms in Bendigo to create a website design with positive feedbacks.

Progressive Website Development With Aaron Knight

Our web development services will ensure a smooth transition of your business into the digital age with the help of professionals that understand your set goals. At Aaron Knight, you get the following:

Customisable And 
Scalable Design

Our designs are flexible and scalable. You have full access to switch up your web design for special promotions, sales, and newly added sections without the help of an expert.

Fast, Responsive, And 
Bug-Free Website

Bid the days of slow working website farewell. Our team of Bendigo-based web developers helps design your own website that is multiuser friendly with zero bugs and a fast turnaround time.

Affordability and 

All our web design services are compiled to fit into different budgets and maintain the topmost quality. Trust us to meet stated deadlines, consider your purse and deliver an all-around positive experience.


“Mum Put All Of These On The Fridge”

Web Design Happiness Guarantee

You Don’t Pay For The Site Until You’re 100% Happy With It

As a web designer and web developer, I specialise in creating beautiful, custom sites for all my clients and provide revisions on every project until we end up with a finished project we can both be proud of. I try to meet every one of my clients in person before starting a web design project so we can establish clear goals & requirements and ensure the on-time delivery of a project.

I provide cost-effective websites and digital marketing solutions that will help your business achieve its objectives within the working time frame. Have a look at my web design portfolio below to get a feel for the quality of my work.


"Things I Repeat On A Daily Basis"
Is It Worth Paying For A Web Designer?

It’s very important to take advantage of the internet’s influence and boost your business visibility by hiring a web designer. The flexibility of a website gives you control over your brand’s creative side and appeals to clients in Bendigo and beyond.

How Much Does It Cost To Pay A Web Designer?

Cost is relative to the volume of work you want to be done, but it ranges between $5000 to $10,000. Our answer to this question is simple, contact us today, and let’s give you a quote fit for your own website design budget.

What Does Good Web Development Look Like?

A good website must offer reliability, affordability, and other things below.

  • Speed: A website shouldn’t spend much time loading a page. At Aaron Knight, we provide responsive and bug-free websites for Bendigo brands.
  • Flexibility: you should be able to effect little changes when need is on your website without help. Aaron Knight leaves you with a customisable and scalable website design carefully curated for just you.
How To Find Good Web Designers?

You must first consider the web designer’s portfolio, work experience with a Bendigo-based company, and suitability for your project. Stuck on how to find good web designers in Bendigo and surrounding areas? Put a call through the contact details on our page, and you’re one step closer to reaching your business goals.

Should My Business Have A Custom Website?

It depends on the kind of business you run. A custom website isn’t needed if you’re dominantly a brick-and-mortar store in Bendigo with little digital presence. But if your business is online based (e-commerce), a custom website design is non-debatable and necessary for the success of your brand.

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