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2x increase In traffic


New Keywords


Keywords in first page positions


Position for Competitive
Brand Term


The client is an importer / online store specialising in the sale of high end tools, primarily for vehicle workshops & professional use.

The business recently went through the process of building a new website on the WordPress platform in order to showcase their large range of products and provide them for sale to the general public.

With over 3500 products , the company was looking to increase their revenue online and increase the visibility of certain products in organic search results.

This case study outlines the requirements of the client and the strategies used to increase visibility & double their organic search traffic in just 3 months.

The Goal

Apart from increasing organic traffic & sales, the client was also wanting to outrank their wholesale competitors for the branded search term of the products they sold(s). This was highly important as there is a lot of brand recognition within Australia and a lot of branded search terms to go with it.


As with most new online stores, the content provided with each product is limited to a short description & specs as to the size & shape. Same goes for the categories in which the products sit within. These barebones stores give Google very little to work with and make ranking a little tricky.

As a starting point we checked in with the client as to which products and product categories they wanted to move the most of, these were the big ticket items with better margins, however the majority of these also had higher competition.

We performed some detailed keyword research & mapping around these products and created detailed content briefs for each page, using competitor analysis to break down the metrics required. After the content was written, we dropped our (content) tools and focused on building up some high quality backlinks to the site in order to build up the authority.

6 Weeks later…
We took a detailed look through Google search console for some low hanging fruit opportunities. These were keywords that had a high amount of impressions but little traffic. Generally speaking these pages were automatically ranking on pages 2-3 with minimal input. We assigned each one of these keywords a category page, created keyword clusters around them and wrote a blanket amount of 500 words per page.

We also noticed that the URL suffix didn’t include the category structure within the URL, so we rewrote these to include them. E.G https://domainname.com/category/sub-category/product

The Result

190% Increase in traffic


New Keywords


Increase in first page


Position for Competitive
Brand Term

After only implementing around 15 pieces of content, some updated meta & building some high quality links. We managed to more than double the organic search traffic pointing towards the site.

There’s a considerable incline in the rate of impressions so we expect traffic results to continue building over the next few months.

We also increased the branded keyword rank to a 1st position which has been consistently held for the last 2 months.

Want to do the same for your business? Let’s meet up for a strategy session and see how we can get your website firing in search.

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