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About Site Speed Optimisation

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The online world is an uneven playing field. Not all websites are made equal. Not all websites are maintained properly. Every website has a domain name‚ that’s about all they have in common.

A speed optimised website loads faster. A speed optimised website will be easier to navigate for a visitor‚ and operate by its owner. It will rank better in SEO‚ winning favour from Google and other search engines. A speed optimised website will run rings around its competition.

These features and more add up to a huge advantage. A business with a speed optimised website has a huge advantage over a competitor’s site that is slow. The secondary ‘flow on’ benefits are huge. Sites that are speed optimised create a better first impression when a user discovers it via social media.

It gives you more face time with a potential customer to make an impact, before the decide they’ve spent enough time considering your business‚ and decide to click away (that nasty event we designers call ‘bounce rate’).  Speed optimisation also makes it more likely a partner will recommend your site over a competitor’s clunky one.

A newly made website will often be speed optimised. If built by a professional web designer‚ odds are good they’ve built it to be lean and speedy. This is not always the case‚ and it’s a reality that not all web designers are made equal. That’s why not every site will be speed optimised‚ even if it is new.

Then there are existing sites. Sites that have been around for a while. Once upon a time they may have been fast – even cutting edge. Website speed is ultimately a lot like a racing bike. Even if it still looks fast‚ it requires regular maintenance to keep it fast‚ and see it perform at its best.

You could have a site that was originally built to be speed optimised‚ but the passage of time may have reduced its performance. This means it will continue to lose pace in future‚ and your site risks falling further behind the speed of your competitor’s websites.

That is why it’s essential to take care of your site speed optimisation today. To ensure your site is out front‚ and leading the pack when it comes to website speed. When it takes just 1/10th of a second for the average web user to form an impression about your website – and have multiple tabs open ready to visit competitor sites if yours doesn’t deliver – you need your site at its fastest.

I can help you in this area. I am daily in the business of building websites that are speed optimised. I can also help you if you’ve an existing website. Whatever the website and whatever your needs, I’m ready to get to work on bringing your web presence up to speed. If you need a totally new and super speedy site? I can even help with that too! I’m a web designer after all!

What does the site speed optimisation process involve exactly?

At its core site speed optimisation is about understanding and best practices. There are so many processes involved, and possible changes that a web designer might need to make. This is why getting a professional is essential. Am amateur can maybe identify some areas to help speed up their site by themselves, but they’ll surely miss a whole ton more along the way.

From dealing with scripts, to hosting, to cookies and SEO, there’s many changes that might be required. Listing them all here would take forever. What can be said is ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Once your site has been assessed, and speed optimisation has been done, the difference will be significant. Your site will load faster, function smoother, and boost its SEO Google rankings.

How long does site speed optimisation take?

This is one of those questions really like ‘how long is a piece of string?’. If your site is in pretty good shape right now and just needs some quick fixes? It might just take a couple of days. If your site is older – or new but really bogged down with a whole ton of digital ‘dead weight’ – the process will take longer.

I always look to quote a cost and estimated time at the start of all my site optimisations. That way there’s a clear understanding at the start of how long it will take to do the optimisation.

How often do I have to do site speed optimisation?

Once a site is totally speed optimised it should be fine for the next 6 months. After 6 months, it is a good idea to organise a review of it to ensure it’s still firing on all pistons. It’s rare anything big would need to be changed at that point, but a quick tune up of one or two areas is often ideal.

At a minimum, a whole site speed review should be done every 12 months.

A year is a long time on the calendar, and a whole ton of time in the digital economy. Every day new products are released, new processes are implemented, and your competitors look to carve out an advantage by using them. That’s why a yearly review is essential to keep your site speedy, and in front.

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