Tyrecare Conversion Optimisation

This was a redesign project for Tyrecare, an e-commerce store based in Ireland providing tyre related products for sale online. After a recent redesign of their website, the company felt that the home page was not setup to convert visitors into buyers.

I provided a mockup of various improvements we could make to the home page in order to place featured products in front of visitors as soon as they land on the site, as well as making navigation easier for users to get where they want to go.  Once confirmed I was able to make the design changes to the site within 15 hours.

The site also had issues with woocommerce table rate shipping as they were unable to separate sections of europe into different zones and vary the delivery rate depending on the buyers location. I was able to create new zones containing specified countries within the E.U and provide multiple price points for delivery based on the weight of the products and the location of the buyer.

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