6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for E-commerce

Do you have a well-designed e-commerce website, a great product, and still having a hard time getting people on board? Or maybe people visit your site, check things out, add things in the cart, and bounce back without making a purchase? If you're experiencing these types of issues and despite best efforts you are not able to hit big revenue numbers then you need to invest some time and effort in optimizing your conversion rates.

Here's 6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to turn your visitors into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers.

1. Create Product Videos and Demo Videos

Creating quality product videos is a tough task but is a proven strategy for conversion rate optimization. Here are some stats!

Adding short videos that demonstrate how your product works is a great way to highlight features and functionality of your product and equip your customers with complete product information. Moreover, videos are more engaging, visually appealing, & interactive and saves visitors from going through tons of text.

2. Keep Registration Optional

Compulsory registrations on e-commerce portals have been shown to increase customer bounces during the checkout process and ultimately result in the loss of a sale.

The mentality behind it is generally due to the following:

  1. Why should I have to create an account if i'm just buying 1 or 2 products.
  2. You're just going to bombard me with marketing
  3. This is going to take too long I just want to buy something quickly

So, for increasing your conversion rate optimization it is highly recommended to keep registration on your ecommerce site optional. Although at the checkout process you can always explicitly mention the benefits of registration to encourage your visitors to register.

3. Ensure Smart Search Functionality

2.4 % is the average conversion rate of customers who use an onsite search box as compared to 1.7% rate of customers who don’t use the search functionality. This statistic alone is good enough to convince any digital marketer that a smart online search is very much needed for increasing your conversion rate optimization.

In a brick and mortar store it is sales man who assists customers in finding what they are looking for whereas in an online store, it is the search box that plays the role of ‘may i help you’ here. So, you can’t overlook the importance of a smart search box that quickly finds out what customers are looking for.

Make sure whenever a customer types a query, they should never see a zero result page as it can push them to leave your site. A good starting point here can be, to introduce a ‘suggest functionality’ that provides users with several possible search queries similar to the test they have typed. This can help you influence purchasing decision of the buyers.

To hold on visitors to your site, avoid poor search functionality to give them a better shopping experience.

4. Offer Free Shipping

Does free shipping really work?

As per a Comscore’s study 58% customers stated free shipping is one of the biggest reason why customers prefer online shopping over the brick-and-mortar stores.

Free shipping is the most effective promotion that e-commerce stores can offer. To compensate for the shipping amount, online retail stores employ the strategy of selling their products on a higher price but they keep the shipping free. As the term free shipping attracts customers and more than that it has been observed this is more of a psychological ploy that excites customers. Free is a buzzword and this word has the power to influence buying decisions of visitors and never fails to lure them. Although you can always introduce the free shipping by adding some of your own terms and conditions. There are many options such as:

You can pick any of the free shipping techniques to boost your store’ s conversion rates.

5. Track all your Macro and Micro Conversions

For optimizing your conversions, you need to focus on boosting both your macro and micro conversions. Though we know, improving macro conversions such as sale of a product, a confirmation for a subscription etc. is the end goal of every e-commerce portal but this does not mean you can overlook the importance of your micro conversions.

It is equally important to track your micro conversions such as download of whitepaper or an ebook, register for webinar or newsletter. Reason being, when visitors first time come to your site there are thin chances that they make a purchase. But by tracking your micro conversions, you can optimize them by giving them more personalized offers.This will help you in turning your micro conversions into macro conversions.

6. Showcase Product Reviews & Ratings

Thus, product reviews has a great value for customers and majority of them depends on it when it comes to shopping online. Showing Customer ratings on your web page design has a positive impact on the site visitors and ensures that you sell quality products.

The biggest challenge for an ecommerce store is to build trust for their brand and when you showcase product reviews of other customers and ratings given by them it instantly builds up trust and credibility. Reviews can be really helpful when a visitor has come to your site for the first time, it helps them in forming a better image of your ecommerce store.

If you don’t show this already on your site, start it today and see the results. You can always encourage your buyers to leave a review about your products by giving them some special discount coupon or offer.

Key Takeaway

The above-mentioned best practices gives you a strong framework to dramatically improve your conversion rate optimization.Happy Selling!

Let us know did you find these tips valuable?

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