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5 SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Being loved by Google as well as other search engines is a dream-come-true for every single digital business out there, and your e-commerce store is no exception. In fact, the more you nurture and solidify your bond with search engines, the better your chances are of getting in front of your target audience – and the rest is up to your branding.

As the global playing field of e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, your business needs to stay on top of the latest, most effective SEO trends and techniques that will help you grow at an equal pace. The goal is to use SEO to improve your brand visibility and rank as high as possible in the Google SERPs despite your growing competition.

1. Provide content with value

The greatest mistake an e-commerce business can make is focusing solely on selling. No one denies the relevance of powerful product ads, images, and the descriptions that follow them, but Google doesn’t appreciate websites that don’t show any signs of life. Continuously producing quality content is a vital step in ranking better in search engines.

This is especially important for business that try to distinguish themselves in a vast sea of competitors. The greater the pool of competition is, the greater the need to produce original content that will help you stand out in the search engine crowd. The key is to always think diverse thoughts: from lengthy and useful blog posts, detailed infographics, all the way to video tutorials, make sure you keep your customers interested, and Google will reward you for the effort.

2. Enable and inspire reviews

We live in the era of social media, personal references and recommendations. When you’re in the search for a new phone, what’s the first thing you do? Head to trusty review websites, check out YouTube videos of how those phones do in testing, and of course, ask your friends and family for advice and experience.

After all, why not follow in Google’s footsteps, since they also allow business reviews? Inspire your customers to share their thoughts on your brand publicly, and ask them for permission to publish their reviews on your website. Not only will Google find you more trustworthy for it, but your potential customers will be far more likely to give your product or service a go.


3. Deliver on your UX promises

Once upon a time, SEO was a simple practice that didn’t entail such complex, user-oriented factors as it does today. Many e-commerce business rely on the speedy growth rate of the entire online buying eco-system, which is far from the only impactful element to consider. For instance, only last year, Australia has seen a 10% increase in online purchases, thus boosting many an online retailer’s business. However, that fact alone is not enough to help your business flourish in the Land of Down Under.

As more businesses sprout and customers have more choices, more business choose to work with a trusty digital agency in Sydney and other metropolises to deliver a more powerful, authentic experience. It’s no different in other thriving regions of the world, as the arrival of digital shopping has made it clear that user experience, including loading speed, ease of navigation, and a sleek design all play a part in ranking higher than your average web store.

4. Master the art of link building and earning

Just like in the sphere of content creation, you will not magically surface in the first three Google search results after you produce a copious amount of backlinks. If they come from dubious, inactive, and irrelevant sites with little to no engagement, you will, in fact, be penalized for poor-quality backlinks.

By building a strong reputation for your brand, you will, in time, start earning those links organically from reputable sources, thus increasing your search engine visibility. Until that day comes, in addition to perfecting your brand, you need to ensure that your link-building strategy is in accordance with Google rules and regulations, and that it provides valuable information for search engines to consider.

5. Keep refining your keyword approach

From optimizing your anchor text with relevant keywords, adding them to your blog titles and subtitles, all the way to focusing on internal links through keywords – your keyword strategy is essential in how Google and other search engines will rank you. A single blog with branded keywords will simply not cut it, as Google gets smarter by the minute, utilizing AI to distinguish between valuable content and information your users will actually appreciate.

Keyword optimization is considered a cornerstone of any SEO strategy, so you need to keep learning about all the ways to incorporate relevant language in every aspect of your web presence. That includes your image descriptions, your product descriptions, and writing relevant metadata for Google crawlers. Continue evolving your keywords so that your brand and your products can rank better for your customers to find them with greater ease.

On a final note

Most importantly, you need to stay informed as to any algorithm changes that may affect your entire SEO strategy, including your keyword utilization. Search engines are continuously finding new ways to add more and eliminate irrelevant ranking factors in order to give their users what they need. Rise up to the learning curve of SEO, and your e-commerce business will have a fair chance not just of pure survival, but to outrank many of your competitors.


Victor T. Miller, a Sydney-based business and marketing specialist who expands businesses over 5 years. I am a person who loves to inform people about the latest news in the industry also as sharing tips and advice based on my professional experience and knowledge.

I provide cost effective websites and marketing solutions that will help your business achieve its objectives within the working time frame. Have a look at my website design portfolio below to get a feel for the quality of my work.If you would like to engage me as a freelance web designer call me anytime on 02 8317 3526, Send me an email [email protected]
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  1. SEO is not just about ranking. It’s a must nowadays especially if you have able to understand it’s value. It’s one of the strategies that can maximize your online opportunities and can make your website as a lead generation machine.

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